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Yvette Vase

Sale price$175.00

Introducing the Yvette Vase, a captivating centerpiece that adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your home decor. This exquisite vase showcases a sleek and contemporary design, inspired by minimalist aesthetics and clean lines. Crafted with high-quality materials, it features a ceramic construction with a glossy finish, enhancing its visual appeal. The Yvette Vase becomes a focal point in any room, effortlessly displaying your favorite flowers or standing as a striking decorative piece on its own. Whether placed in the living room, dining area, or bedroom, it exudes a sense of sophistication and adds a touch of refined style to your space. Elevate your decor with the Yvette Vase and let its chic presence elevate your interior design.



Vases & Decorative Bowls

Yvette Vase - v21v13
Yvette Vase Sale price$175.00