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Celeste Wall Art - v21v13Celeste Wall Art - v21v13
Celeste Wall Art Sale priceFrom $380.00
Valentine Candle Holder - v21v13Valentine Candle Holder - v21v13
Valentine Candle Holder Sale priceFrom $130.00
Blanche Box - v21v13Blanche Box - v21v13
Blanche Box Sale priceFrom $200.00
Estelle Vase - v21v13Estelle Vase - v21v13
Estelle Vase Sale priceFrom $385.00
Lillian Decoration - v21v13Lillian Decoration - v21v13
Lillian Decoration Sale price$220.00

2 colors available

Florentine Tray - v21v13Florentine Tray - v21v13
Florentine Tray Sale priceFrom $465.00
Esme Ornament - v21v13Esme Ornament - v21v13
Esme Ornament Sale priceFrom $265.00

2 colors available

Isabelle Ornament - v21v13Isabelle Ornament - v21v13
Isabelle Ornament Sale priceFrom $190.00
Béatrice BoxBéatrice Box
Béatrice Box Sale priceFrom $90.00

4 colors available

Aveline Ornament - v21v13Aveline Ornament - v21v13
Aveline Ornament Sale priceFrom $55.00
Yannick Magazine Rack - v21v13Yannick Magazine Rack - v21v13
Yannick Magazine Rack Sale price$569.99
Valérie VaseValérie Vase
Valérie Vase Sale priceFrom $350.00
Gabriel Coffee Table - v21v13Gabriel Coffee Table - v21v13
Gabriel Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $1,050.00

2 colors available

Delphine Candleabara - v21v13Delphine Candleabara - v21v13
Delphine Candleabara Sale price$450.00
Céleste Marble VaseCéleste Marble Vase
Céleste Marble Vase Sale priceFrom $400.00
Tristan Floor Lamp - v21v13Tristan Floor Lamp - v21v13
Tristan Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $500.00
Camille Marble Wall Lamp - v21v13Camille Marble Wall Lamp - v21v13
Camille Marble Wall Lamp Sale priceFrom $260.00
François OrnamentFrançois Ornament
François Ornament Sale priceFrom $145.00
Céleste TrayCéleste Tray
Céleste Tray Sale price$380.00
Margot Vase - v21v13Margot Vase - v21v13
Margot Vase Sale priceFrom $100.00
Brigitte Coffee Table - v21v13Brigitte Coffee Table - v21v13
Brigitte Coffee Table Sale price$4,450.00
Olivier Tube Vase - v21v13Olivier Tube Vase - v21v13
Olivier Tube Vase Sale priceFrom $250.00
Stéphanie Coffee MugStéphanie Coffee Mug
Stéphanie Coffee Mug Sale price$45.00
Emmeline Figurine - v21v13Emmeline Figurine - v21v13
Emmeline Figurine Sale priceFrom $110.00
André VaseAndré Vase
André Vase Sale price$450.00
Jacqueline  Tray - v21v13Jacqueline  Tray - v21v13
Jacqueline Tray Sale priceFrom $75.00

3 colors available

STELLA CANDLE HOLDER Sale price$225.00
Bourbon Vanille Wall Art - v21v13Bourbon Vanille Wall Art - v21v13
Bourbon Vanille Wall Art Sale priceFrom $1,250.00
Myde Wine Rack - v21v13Myde Wine Rack - v21v13
Myde Wine Rack Sale price$225.00

3 colors available

Léandre TrayLéandre Tray
Léandre Tray Sale priceFrom $100.00
Fleur Vase - v21v13Fleur Vase - v21v13
Fleur Vase Sale priceFrom $180.00
Inès VaseInès Vase
Inès Vase Sale priceFrom $140.00
Aveline Mug - v21v13Aveline Mug - v21v13
Aveline Mug Sale price$50.00

8 colors available

Béatrice VaseBéatrice Vase
Béatrice Vase Sale priceFrom $230.00

2 colors available

Isabeau Coffee Table - v21v13Isabeau Coffee Table - v21v13
Isabeau Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $3,350.00
Victoire Platter - v21v13Victoire Platter - v21v13
Victoire Platter Sale price$125.00
Aubrey Table Lamp - v21v13Aubrey Table Lamp - v21v13
Aubrey Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $225.00

3 colors available

Odoratus Sept  Wall Art - v21v13Odoratus Sept  Wall Art - v21v13
Odoratus Sept Wall Art Sale price$1,700.00
Sélène Glass HolderSélène Glass Holder
Sélène Glass Holder Sale priceFrom $95.00
Marceline Vase - v21v13Marceline Vase - v21v13
Marceline Vase Sale priceFrom $180.00

3 colors available

Aimée GlassAimée Glass
Aimée Glass Sale priceFrom $50.00
Clarisse Ornament - v21v13Clarisse Ornament - v21v13
Clarisse Ornament Sale priceFrom $130.00

3 colors available

Cameron Wall Lamp - v21v13Cameron Wall Lamp - v21v13
Cameron Wall Lamp Sale price$110.00

1 color available

Odoratus Cinq Wall Art - v21v13Odoratus Cinq Wall Art - v21v13
Odoratus Cinq Wall Art Sale price$1,700.00
Anabella Chandelier - v21v13Anabella Chandelier - v21v13
Anabella Chandelier Sale price$450.00
Delphine Wall Art - v21v13Delphine Wall Art - v21v13
Delphine Wall Art Sale priceFrom $575.00
Annabelle Ornament - v21v13Annabelle Ornament - v21v13
Annabelle Ornament Sale price$180.00
Odoratus Neuf Wall Art - v21v13Odoratus Neuf Wall Art - v21v13
Odoratus Neuf Wall Art Sale price$1,400.00