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Thibault Vase

Sale price$350.00

Are you looking for a way to add a touch of luxury to your home decor? Our stunning Thibault Vase is the perfect solution! Made from the finest glass and crystal materials, these exquisite pieces artfully combine timeless elegance with contemporary design. Meticulously crafted and attention to detail is given to every piece, making them true works of art that exude sophistication and class. The striking black-and-white color combination adds a touch of drama, making them an eye-catching addition to any interior setting. Whether you choose to display them as stand-alone pieces or incorporate them into your existing decor, our Thibault Vase is sure to elevate your living space to new heights of style and glamour!

Thibault Vase - v21v13
Thibault Vase Sale price$350.00