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Thérèse Incense Burner

Sale price$140.00

Introducing the Thérèse Incense Burner, a serene and stylish addition to your relaxation rituals. This round stoneware incense burner features a meticulously crafted design, inspired by tranquility and mindfulness. Its smooth surface and delicate curves create an elegant aesthetic that complements any decor. Simply place your favorite incense stick in the designated holder and let the soothing aroma fill the air, creating a calming atmosphere. The Thérèse Incense Burner is not only a functional piece but also a decorative accent, adding a touch of serenity to your meditation space, yoga studio, or any room in your home. 


Abstract Art

Thérèse Incense Burner
Thérèse Incense Burner Sale price$140.00