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Margaux Vase

Sale price$160.00

Presenting the exquisite Margaux Vase, a truly mesmerizing piece that emanates an aura of timeless beauty and allure. Meticulously handcrafted from delicate, opalescent cream-hued and blush-pink glass embellished with subtle hints of serene green, this French-inspired vase encapsulates the very essence of romance and refinement. Its ethereal, water-like design not only bestows a sense of tranquility but also serves as the perfect adornment for presenting your most opulent floral compositions, infusing a dash of elegance into any interior decor. Transform your living space with the enchanting grace of the Margaux Vase.

Color:Milky Jade

Vases & Decorative Bowls

Margaux Vase - La Galerie à La Mode
Margaux Vase Sale price$160.00