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Louane vase

Sale price$425.00

Introducing the exquisite Louane Vase - a breathtaking amalgamation of opulence, sophistication, and practicality. Meticulously handcrafted with the finest white and black marble, featuring a mesmerizing vertical pattern that effortlessly captures the eye. This remarkable vase transcends traditional decor, making it an ideal embellishment for any setting. Whether it's gracing a living space, office, or serving as a statement piece on a desktop, this ornate receptacle exudes an unparalleled sense of refinement. Elevate your interior aesthetics with the timeless allure of the Louane Vase - a flawless vessel for displaying your favorite blooms and infusing an air of lavishness into your surroundings.


Vases & Decorative Bowls

Louane vase - La Galerie à La Mode
Louane vase Sale price$425.00