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Hêtre Root Coffee Table

Sale price$3,050.00

Introducing our stunning Hêtre root coffee table with a glass top. Crafted from a solid teak root using traditional techniques and finished with a beautiful bleached finish, this one-of-a-kind table brings the outdoors into your living space. Each table is uniquely designed by nature, ensuring that no two are ever the same. The Hêtre root coffee table comes with a glass top featuring rounded corners, offering a beautiful view of the striking natural, organic root below. Our sustainable approach to contemporary rustic furniture ensures that no part of the tree is wasted, providing maximum creative expression while preserving the beauty of the environment. This unique piece showcases a textured section of a tree root with abundant character and is a perfect blend of functionality and natural beauty.

Hêtre Root Coffee Table La Galerie à La Mode
Hêtre Root Coffee Table Sale price$3,050.00