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Serving Tray

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ZOÉ Decorative TrayZOÉ Decorative Tray
ZOÉ Decorative Tray Sale priceFrom $65.00

2 colors available

Yvonne Tray - v21v13Yvonne Tray - v21v13
Yvonne Serving Tray Sale priceFrom $300.00
Léandre TrayLéandre Tray
Léandre Tray Sale priceFrom $100.00
Mélanie Wooden TrayMélanie Wooden Tray
Mélanie Wooden Tray Sale priceFrom $25.00
Marion Tray - v21v13Marion Tray - v21v13
Marion Tray Sale price$270.00
Stéphanie Marble TrayStéphanie Marble Tray
Stéphanie Tray Sale priceFrom $170.00

2 colors available

Joséphine TrayJoséphine Tray
Joséphine Tray Sale priceFrom $120.00

2 colors available

Henriette Serving Tray - v21v13Henriette Serving Tray - v21v13
Henriette Serving Tray Sale price$300.00
Pauline Serving Tray - v21v13Pauline Serving Tray - v21v13
Pauline Serving Tray Sale priceFrom $360.00
Élise TrayÉlise Tray
Élise Tray Sale priceFrom $1,450.00
Géraldine Serving TrayGéraldine Serving Tray
Géraldine Serving Tray Sale price$200.00
Clarisse Serving Tray - v21v13Clarisse Serving Tray - v21v13
Clarisse Serving Tray Sale priceFrom $45.00
Bérénice Dessert TrayBérénice Dessert Tray
Bérénice Dessert Tray Sale price$90.00

2 colors available

Isabeau Tray - v21v13Isabeau Tray - v21v13
Isabeau Tray Sale priceFrom $1,075.00

2 colors available

Géraldine TrayGéraldine Tray
Géraldine Tray Sale priceFrom $310.00
Florentine Tray - v21v13Florentine Tray - v21v13
Florentine Tray Sale priceFrom $465.00
Rosalie Tray - v21v13Rosalie Tray - v21v13
Rosalie Tray Sale price$275.00
Violette Marble Tray - v21v13Violette Marble Tray - v21v13
Violette Marble Tray Sale price$475.00