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Jada Chandelier - v21v13Jada Chandelier - v21v13
Jada Chandelier Sale priceFrom $620.00
Bonita Pendant Chandelier - v21v13Bonita Pendant Chandelier - v21v13
Bonita Pendant Chandelier Sale priceFrom $500.00
Gianna Chandelier - v21v13Gianna Chandelier - v21v13
Gianna Chandelier Sale priceFrom $700.00

2 colors available

Lucienne Pendant - v21v13Lucienne Pendant - v21v13
Lucienne Pendant Sale priceFrom $450.00

2 colors available

Géraldine  PendantGéraldine  Pendant
Géraldine Pendant Sale price$700.00

2 colors available

Josephine Pendant - v21v13Josephine Pendant - v21v13
Josephine Pendant Sale priceFrom $840.00
Leyland Pendant - v21v13Leyland Pendant - v21v13
Leyland Pendant Sale price$395.00

2 colors available

Aubrey Table Lamp - v21v13Aubrey Table Lamp - v21v13
Aubrey Table Lamp Sale priceFrom $225.00

3 colors available

Jeunet Wall Light - v21v13Jeunet Wall Light - v21v13
Jeunet Wall Light Sale price$260.00
Ramsey Wall Lamp - v21v13Ramsey Wall Lamp - v21v13
Ramsey Wall Lamp Sale price$175.00
Cameron Wall Lamp - v21v13Cameron Wall Lamp - v21v13
Cameron Wall Lamp Sale price$110.00

1 color available

Layla Wall Sconce - v21v13Layla Wall Sconce - v21v13
Layla Wall Sconce Sale price$420.00
Zéphyrine Wall LampZéphyrine Wall Lamp
Zéphyrine Wall Lamp Sale price$285.00

2 colors available

Jacarra Round Chandelier - v21v13Jacarra Round Chandelier - v21v13
Jacarra Round Chandelier Sale priceFrom $370.00
Dyer Round Chandelier - v21v13Dyer Round Chandelier - v21v13
Dyer Round Chandelier Sale priceFrom $870.00

2 colors available

Collier Chandelier - v21v13Collier Chandelier - v21v13
Collier Chandelier Sale priceFrom $780.00
Paloma Chandelier - v21v13Paloma Chandelier - v21v13
Paloma Chandelier Sale priceFrom $1,000.00
Anabella Chandelier - v21v13Anabella Chandelier - v21v13
Anabella Chandelier Sale price$450.00
Noella Round Chandelier - v21v13Noella Round Chandelier - v21v13
Noella Round Chandelier Sale priceFrom $570.00
Gavin Oval Chandelier - v21v13Gavin Oval Chandelier - v21v13
Gavin Oval Chandelier Sale priceFrom $300.00
Gianna Pendant Chandelier - v21v13Gianna Pendant Chandelier - v21v13
Gianna Pendant Chandelier Sale priceFrom $650.00